Custom Graphics

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  • We offer a professional custom design for your C3 Rover, Truck or Zamboni.
  • The way this works is to start with a plain C3 Rover, Truck or Zamboni with the body and lid color you select.
  • Then you add this Custom Graphics package to your shopping cart.
  • Now you email us at and we get started.
  • We will do a 3d rendering of how your ideas look on your C3 Cooler. A few changes are allowed. Once you approved the design, we print the graphics and install them.
  • There are limitations that our customer service will explain. As an example: You want a Harley-Davidson themed rover. That we can't do. It would violate Harley's trademarked logo. In that case, you can buy a plain black Rover and look on Amazon for licensed Harley graphics.
  • If you own your own company and want to have a Rover(We offer quantity discounts) with your logo and designs. That we do every day.
  • Licensed Sports coolers are not eligible for customization due to trademark licenses we have with the leagues.